Being the bridegroom,
I witnessed
both bridal laughter and bridal tear.

Arrayed in the beautiful sari under golden veil,
with a heart full of buckets
of emotions And
eyes full of sky kissing dreams,
the lunar face reached the altar.

With the chanting of mantra,
my fingers brushed
on her forehead
to adorn cardinal vermilion.

As I made her wear the sacred thread around her neck
And we circled around holy fire,
glimpse of her smile
justified bridal laughter
of forming the world
with her man of dreams.

As the cowrie game ended
the marriage
and time rang the bell to leave her maternal home,
bridal tears gushed like ocean from her eyes.

Father became emotional,
mother became disheartened
to see her darling leaving home,
friends sang epithalamium
to bid adieu.

Bridal tears unknowingly
fell on my shoulder,
singing the bridal song
And among all the chaos,
the chauffeur ran the car to reach the destination.



When the pluviophile in me,
drifts from
Platonic relationship
grazes on your enviable pulchritude
in rain,
the nature in you
becomes ready to mingle
with the man in me,
emancipating love
from the tyranny of society.


Why I have to sacrifice?
Why I have to prove that my heart is magnanimous?

O’ God,
people say you are omnipotent, whatever you want you can do
as per your wish.

But why being your creation,
I have to prove myself?
I have to display my vainglory
that does charity for obtaining praise.

My impotence find lame excuses to remain staunch to myself.
I commit blunders after blunders to prove my point.

O’ God, you have given me birth
my death is in your hand.

You do sacrifice for your son,
take incarnation,
stay with me
And control my character
And my action.
If being the super power,
you will not sacrifice
your Elysium
for a good number of years
to stay with me to guide,
don’t blame me
if I am obdurate enough
to be cunning for the society
to display my ostentation.

Favourite character.

O’ Krishna,
you are my
favourite character.

You are the real
matinee idol
Radha becomes
maniac for you.
Devotees love you
like life.

you are omnipotent,
you are the son
to both the adorable mothers
Yashoda and Devki.

Arraying smiles on
your celestial lips,
playing the flute
you win hearts,
spreading love.

But when evil tries
to conquer the truth,
your sudarshan chakra

you teach us
the real karma.
You teach us how to
be staunch to
a friend like Arjun.

For the respect of woman,
you invisibly become saviour of Draupadi.

For goodness,
for poetic justice,
you embrace the curse
of Ghandhari
without any objection.

you are the creator
of this world.
With your omniscience
you run our lives.

O’ Krishna,
your karma and love are both imperishable.

We genuflect you
for all your teachings,
we genuflect you
for all all your love.

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