I burn each moment,
but the ash fails to relief
me from pain.
I burn each moment,
but the blood in me gallops pronouncing your name.

Why can’t soul erase your name? Why can’t mind abolish your effigy? The pain you have injected,
the torments you have gifted me though your disloyalty are severe.

Yes, I burn each moment,
but the ash fails to relief me from pain.



Your voluptuous words are enough to excite me,
To fill me with unbreakable experience
That mere lips of mine can’t yell.

Yes, your voluptuous words are paranormal,
give my nerves the sensation
that has never been exercised before.

My feet automatically move automatically towards your bower.

Yes, my feet automatically move towards your bower.


In every winter season,
I wear gifted wool jumper of yours And the days of past dance in front of my eyes,
filling my eyes with unending tears. How can I forget your face?
How can I forget your selfless love?

Though I remain awake all the nights,
I fail to see your face among stars.

Yes, O’ my love, when will you be visible to me ?
With your beholding, I will spend my whole life without any complaint.


A mermaid emulating your face, Visited my dream land,
Ushering me towards the window of your bower,
Coaxing me to peep through,
to witness you resting on the cosy bed.

I engrossed myself in capturing your beauty in my heart
And she vanished.

The moment, I extended my hands to touch you,
My eyes didn’t give me support
And I returned from the land of nod.


As I kissed the hair on your nape,
As I fiddled your waist,
The warmth I received
from you was inexpressible.

I felt as if I was on cloud nine plucking
the most beautiful flower of the heaven.

Yes, the blink of your eyes
was a tyro advancing towards the path of unending love.


You are my gold mohur flower,
the redolence of your captures my heartbeats,
the hint of yours,
enthrals me all the night.

I feel as if I am in the lap of love, beneath the shade of all happiness.
Yes, I do understand the meaning of life.

Yes, you are my gold mohur flower And your hint makes me your ardent lover.

Water drops..

The remaining water drops of shower
falling from your
long And raven hair kiss your shoulder.

Can’t I be that water drops?
I am sure unlike the trite water drops,
my kiss will own you with the overwhelming madness.

Yes, the tender touch of mine will engulf you and land you in my arms of love.